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Build That Muscle Memory !

Are you a racing car driver looking to enhance your skills and improve your performance on the track? Or are you a racing simulator enthusiast who wants to experience the thrill of a real-life racing car driver without leaving the comfort of your own home? Look no further, because the answer to your needs is the BDH Race Sim Hardware, specifically their Mechanical H Pattern Shifter.

What are computer racing simulators?

Before we delve into how racing simulators can benefit real-life racing car drivers, let's first define what racing simulators are. Racing simulators are computer programs that simulate real-world racing conditions, allowing users to experience the thrill of driving a racing car without actually being on a real track. These simulators have become increasingly popular in recent years, especially as technology advanced, giving users an almost lifelike experience.

How can racing simulators benefit real-life racing car drivers?

Racing simulators have numerous advantages for racing car drivers. First and foremost, they allow drivers to practice and improve their skills at any time, without the need for actual track time. With a simulator, drivers can repeat complex maneuvers and drive the same track multiple times, allowing them to perfect their technique and learn the track better before they hit the actual track.

Angelo Grossi World Rally Championship Driver says of the BDH H1 Shifter, it is "A concrete tool to train for real life racing! Seriously recommended if you conceive simracing as an integration of Motorsports and you want to compete at the highest level both online and in the cockpit.

Peripheral's modulability, and the infinite mounting combination of the support plate really help to simulate every kind of car. I can't find no differences between Bazooka H1 and a professional real racing shifter: It's insane!

+1 also for the whole Hunter family for their support and competence. BDH a must have!"

The BDH Race Sim Hardware advantage

BDH Race Sim Hardware's mechanical H pattern shifter can help with immersion and realism and takes your simulator experience to the next level. The shifter is a replica of a real-life H pattern shifter, with a fully mechanical feel that accurately replicates the feel of shifting gears in a real racing car. This added level of immersion and realism trains a driver's muscle memory and makes them more comfortable shifting gears. This training with realistic simulator peripherals, translated into muscle memory is the same as the learning a professional golfer makes with a coach to perfect their swing, thus making the transition to real driving easier and less intimidating.

After testing in the BDH Race Sim Hardware simulator cockpit users confirm a massive help with immersion and realism, providing the driver with a more realistic driving position and shifter feel, which in turn provides greater feedback and sense of realism as well which really can improve the overall sim racing experience.

In conclusion, racing simulators peripherals like BDH Race Sim Hardware's H1 Shifter significantly benefits racing car drivers, making them more equipped and prepared for real-life racing experiences without compromising safety or comfort.

Racing simulator enthusiasts will not only be able to enjoy an almost lifelike experience, but they will also be able to take advantage of BDH Race Sim Hardware's immersive and realistic mechanical H pattern shifter, simulator cockpit and wheel attachment.

A racing simulator is a valuable tool for real life racing car drivers, and BDH Race Sim Hardware is proving in leading the way in delivering a realistic and immersive racing sim experience.

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