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Black Sports Car


  • How does the BDH H1 Mount to my rig?
    It mounts using 4 x holes and fits to standard 80mm x 40mm aluminium profile. BDH can supply you with the Fitting Kit, including the bolts required. This picture shows the H1 base plate with measurements in centimeters:
  • What thread is the Gear Knob?
    M10 x 1.5mm (Female)
  • What Warranty comes with the H1 Shifter?
    12 Months Warranty
  • What are the size and weights?
    Size: Length- 300mm Height- 300mm Width- 80mm Weight- 3.5kg
  • What drivers do I need?
    No drivers are needed, simply plug into a USB port, load up the game and assign the controls in the in-game settings.
  • Does the H1 work with consoles?
    Not that we know of, the H1 has been designed for PC racing.
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