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Don't just take our word for it!  BDH Racing Sim Hardware products are raced all over the world, our H Pattern Sim Gear Shifter, the Bazooka, is fitted to many high end gamers sim rigs as well as professional drivers simulators. It's important we listen to our customers and create products that meet their needs. Here is some of their feedback.

Angelo Pucci Grossi, Italian #rally driver and son of the amazing, late Giuseppe Pucci Grossi using the #bdhshifter on his #racingsimulator to train

Angelo Grossi

"A concrete tool to train for real life racing!

Seriously recommended if you conceive simracing as an integration of Motorsports and you want to compete at the highest level both online and in the cockpit.

Peripheral's modulability, and the infinite mounting combination of the support plate really help to simulate every kind of car. I can't find no differences between Bazooka H1 and a professional real racing shifter: It's insane!


+1 also for the whole Hunter family for their support and competence. BDH a must have!"

Ryan Timmins

"Hi Dave, Just wanted to let you know the Shifter showed up about an hour ago. I have done a very crude installation of the shifter on my rig and everything seems to be working perfectly. Its really great, the shifter actually feels like a real car."

Gary Tall

"Just had the first proper run with it. I'm a bit of an iRacing fan so just used it in the MX5, a car I use sometimes to learn a new track. To be honest I usually find it a bit dull but not tonight. What a scream using a mechanical feeling h pattern box and clutch. Loved it"


Jeff Weaver 

"The shifter arrived in perfect condition! She is beautiful!!  Thanks so much Dave. I really can't wait to get it mounted and start using it this week."


Robert Cormack

"Just had quick go on Cortina server, I’m blown away feels great and just natural, with Fanatec it was easy to shift into wrong gear but this just feels as it should.
Couldn’t be happier"

Jim Irlam 

"It’s on, needs a more solid mount but first impressions are it has a very nice action a good clonk into gear. The Fanatec was very easy to fluff changes when going diagonally between gears e.g. 2nd to 3rd or back but not with yours."

James Perkins

"Nipped down to pick up the BDH h pattern shifter, ended up chatting for a few hours blown away at the time / knowledge gone into this shifter, really is outstanding bit of kit and miles ahead of the competition. Nice amount of adjustment, easy to mount and looks amazing, feels better then some other H pattern shifters that are almost double the price, you guys should be proud or wot you’ve come up with"


Blair McConachie

"Awesome, Very similar to the caterham box. Will need to tweak my rig and get distances of gear stick to driver same as car. With headphones on and simucube2 base with caterham wheel and your gearshift is remarkably immersive."


Adam Cox 

"It's awesome, love the tension adjuster. Certainly has a great feeling to it compared to the Fanatec! Let me know if you wanna buy a Fanatec shifter!"


Bryce Li

"Hi guys! Hi Dave and Bill! Just got my shifter, beyond satisfied!"


Dominic Mehta

" Quality shifter. Best I’ve had the pleasure of using (and I’ve tried a few)!"

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Beautifuly designed professional race shifter, BDH H1 Bazooka H Pattern Racing Simulator Shifter
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