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Engineering and racing is built into the DNA of BDH Race Sim Hardware.

Rallying and Circuit racing brought about the teams interests in SIM Racing in the early 2000's, having the ability to be able to practice for the real thing during the winter and in between races would give our drivers the edge when testing opened up.

Now SIM Racing is established as an industry in its own right, racing online is fast becoming as exhilarating as the real thing and BDH brings our years of experience racing simulators and cars to the virtual world.

BDH Race Sim Hardware.



 BDH aims to make racing accessible to everyone by creating products that accomplish physical realism, enhancing our users experience at any track- physical or virtual.

Racing Driving
Race Car Wheel

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Our products are built with one aim, to create the most realistic simulation experiences. BDH brings the physical world into the virtual, basing our products on those used in race cars today.

We will not compromise on quality to create the most lifelike physical components.

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